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Euralbi Plus & Euralbi Fino Plaster offer many advantages over traditional white set plaster;

  • Premixed – Saves time on site and reduces weight and material loss.
  • Dries to a harder finish, providing a more durable wallcovering.
  • pH and thermal conductivity characteristics are similar to those of a human body. Making Euralbi friendly to touch and an ideal covering for walls in habital buildings.
  • Retains the crystal structure and chemistry of natural plater, enabling it to replicate plater’s ability to absorb and release airbourne moisture as the living environment changes.
  • Offers increased thermal resistance characteristics and improves thermal insulation.



Only insist on Euralbi® White Set!

Other European White Set Plasters do not offer the same quality refined gypsum from Spain or the support locally in Australia from Euroset Trading and Euralbi®.

Euralbi® is designed and manufactured by one of Euro’s largest building material manufacturers to meet the highest European standards, and is code marked for use across the EU – check for the EU stamp!

“Our house looks incredible! We never realised how beautiful Euralbi would of looked!.  – Jonathan & Katherine”

“We have been using euralbi for over 15 years in some of the most prestigeous homes in Sydney’s East and North Shore, i wouldn’t use anything else. – Jose Maria

“The support i get from Euralbi for the last 10 years has been second to none, i would recommend not only their brand but the help they always give. – Tom”

“Euralbi gives me more working time and a better finish than anything out there. – Luis”

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